"On Thin Ice" First Day of Shooting

Friday, June 8, 2012

at SM Southmall Ice Skating Rink, started at 6am and ended around 12 midnight! Even though it was tiring, it was successful! :) These are pictures from my camera taken by none other than Yaya Baby! So it’s mostly from far view. I’ll be posting the (on the ice) pictures from Ate Kit’s camera in another post later! :) 
                     So cute how everyone was wearing this! OnThinIce ID :)
                                   First Scene to take! My dad/coach dies
                            Scene where i get annoyed at my coach, James 
                    Scene of my first day of skating lesson since 4 years ago
                      My favorite scene! They said it looked like from a korean show! 
                      Scene where James introduces himself “I’m Paul, Paul Ruiz” 
                                                    Competition Scene! 
        Karma scene! I love the lightings here, it looked like a music video <3
                                     “Crystal dela Rama and Paul Ruiz” 
Sorry if the pictures are from a far view. I’ll be posting the (near/on the ice) photos in awhile! Support On Thin Ice! <3 

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