"On Thin Ice" First Day of Shooting Part 2

Friday, June 8, 2012

Still from First Day of Shooting! but are all “Behind the Scene” pictures from Ate Kit! It’s closer and on ice, hope you’ll like it! <3 
            Stretching. To all the skaters out there, always remember to stretch before skating! :) 
                                                    “13 year old” Crystal 
                                                         Layback spin 
                   One of my favorite shots! Priceless happy photos <3 

We reached til Take16 or Take17 to get this scene right. Alot of bloopers here for sure!
                                 Another priceless happy picture :) 

Next shoot will be on Wednesday! Watch out for more! Hoped you like the pictures! Support OnThinIce <3 

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